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Both homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions occur at the same time and both heat and mass transfer take place during the process. The waste usually comes from households, commercial life, reassurance, hotels, tourist industry, transportation, industry and water supply and drainage. Pyrolysis technology provides an opportunity for the conversion of municipal solid wastes, agricultural residues, scrap tires, nonrecyclable plastics etc into clean. Average european citizen generates annually more than 500 kg of domestic waste. Experimental studies on municipal solid waste and biomass pyrolysis. Pilotplant tests were conducted on simulated solid waste. Biochar and pyrolytic gas properties from pyrolysis of. Due to the complexity in composition of msw the exact mechanism of pyrolysis is not known. Paolo baggio et al presented the energy and environmental impact analysis of an innovative system based on the pyrolysis of msw which produced solid char. Pyrolysis has been examined as an attractive alternative to incineration for municipal solid waste msw disposal that allows energy and resource recovery. Pyrolysis machine in municipal solid waste pyrolysis oil.

Recently, the renewed interest in the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste has been aroused. Thermogravimetric kinetic study of the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste a. Pyrolysis has been used since ancient times to turn wood into charcoal. Equilibrium isotherms and kinetics analysis, international journal of environmental science and development 61. Effects of gangue on pyrolysis of municipal solid waste. Gasification of municipal solid waste and tire pyrolysis. Gasification of municipal solid waste for power generation. Retrieved from epa environmental engineering sourcebook. Generally, municipal solid waste msw covers waste from households and consists of plastics, paper, metals, textile, organic waste, leather, rubber, metals, glass. Sc energy a thesis submitted to cardiff university for the degree of doctor of philosophy in mechanical engineering cardiff school of. Ingo zorbach study of allgemeiner maschinenbau at tu darmstadt with a focus on thermal process design and power production. Effect of heat transfer model on the prediction of municipal solid waste msw pyrolysis process. Pyrolysis of municipal solid waste wiley online library. Schreurs, study of the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste for the production of valuable products, journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 92 2011 366 375.

This is a pdf file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. What is municipal solid waste pyrolysis equipment for. Msw pyrolysis is considered as an innovative alternative for treating msw that obtains different chemicals and fuels schaefer, 1975, malkow, 2004. Gasification of nonrecycled plastics from municipal solid. Intermediate pyrolysis of organic fraction of municipal. A selfsustained municipal solid waste msw pyrolysis gasification process with selfproduced syngas as heat source was proposed and an equilibrium model was. In a pyrolysis involved process, energy can be obtained in a cleaner way than from conventional. Municipal solid waste msw represents an attractive feedstock with yearround availability, an established collection infrastructure paid for by waste generators, low cost, and the potential to be blended with higher cost feedstocks to reduce overall feedstock costs.

Gasification and pyrolysis characterization and heat. Funabashi citys municipal solid waste pyrolysis plant is the first fullscale plant having a dual fluidized bed gasification system. The gasification and pyrolysis of solid materials is not a new concept. Pdf pyrolysis has been examined as an attractive alternative to incineration for municipal solid waste msw disposal that allows energy and. A comparative assessment of commercial technologies for. Municipal solid waste msw was converted into highgrade solid fuels biochar and gaseous product via thermal pyrolysis under pyrolytic gas atmosphere. In this investigation, the pyrolysis behaviors and kinetics of typical municipal solid waste components and their mixture at high heating rates are studied by using thermogravimetryfourier transform infrared spectrometer tgftir. Characterization of products from fast micropyrolysis of. Gasification and pyrolysis of municipal solid waste msw. Biomass feedstock costs remain one of the largest impediments to biofuel production economics. Due to the increase of municipal solid waste msw as the population and their consume increase, new technologies of waste removal have to be developed, in order to find a msw disposal method which do not fill lands and neither pollute the environment.

Comparative study of municipal solid waste treatment. Pyrolysis is the thermal degradation of waste in the absence of air to produce gas often termed syngas, liquid pyrolysis oil or solid char, mainly ash and carbon. Municipal solid wastes, tgams, pyrolysis, combustion, synergy 34 1. As a waste toenergy process, it would appear that the efficiency is somewhat low. The tremendous rise in municipal solid waste msw in the fastgrowing cities of.

Introduction 35 rapid industrialization and population growth have led to an increase in generation of municipal 36 solid wastes msw to such an extent that the management of solid wastes have become a major 37 concern in developing countries 1. Pyrolysis of solid wastes a n e rahman, m a khaleel akmal and k b s prasad indian institute of chemical technology, hyderabad 500 007, india received. Pdf thermal characterization of msw for purpose of its. In a pyrolysis involved process, energy can be obtained in a cleaner way than from conventional msw incineration plants as. Pyrolysis characteristics of municipal solid waste in oxygenfree. Read this article to learn about types, sources, effects and methods of solid waste management. The energy is recovered as high calorific value fuel gas. Potentials of pyrolysis processes in the waste management. A selfsustained municipal solid waste msw pyrolysis gasification process with selfproduced syngas as heat source was proposed and an equilibrium model was established to predict the syngas. As the environmental performance from thermochemical conversion of waste has been challenged by some stakeholders, efforts have been made to obtain and analyze thirdparty emissions data. To investigate the effects of gangue on pyrolysis of municipal solid waste msw, pyrolysis of msw with gangue has been conducted by tg and fixedbed reactor, respectively. Thermogravimetric kinetic study of the pyrolysis of. A sustainable pyrolysis technology for the treatment of.

Pyrolysis can also be used to treat municipal solid waste and plastic waste. Waste gasification and pyrolysis technology risk assessment 5 risks and challenges technology risks and operational challenges decades of attempts to apply gasification, pyrolysis, and plasma arc to municipal waste have exposed the underlying complications with this approach, as evidenced by the high failure rate of these plants. Solid waste management is a polite term for garbage management. Therefore, pyrolysis is raised as a way of msw removal which at the same time can produce profitable products. Comparative assessment of commercial technologies for conversion of solid waste to energy 6 enviropower renewable inc. Pyrolysis is rapidly developing biomass thermal conversion technology and has been garnering much attention worldwide due to its high efficiency and good ecofriendly performance characteristics. Gasification overview gasification is a thermochemical reaction othat requires high temperature 750oc1500 c and high.

Various methods are practiced to control solid waste pollution as composting, recycling, incineration, pyrolysis, disposal, landfills etc. Typically, the feed was a mixture of 50% shredded newspaper, 5% wocd waste, 3% polyethylene plas tics, 10% crushed glass, 8% steel turnings and 24% water. Hence, solid waste management reduces or controls the solid waste pollution and its hazardous effects. A study of the pyrolysis behaviors of pelletized recovered municipal solid waste fuels, applied energy. Study of the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste for the production of valuable products. These technologies tend to be less proven on a commercial scale and involve more complex technological processes 18, 20.

Today pyrolysis is being developed as a waste to energy technology to convert biomass and plastic waste into liquid fuels boulding, russell. Gas, liquid, and solid products were analyzed by gas chromatograph. Introduction to gasificationpyrolysis and combustion. It has been used extensively to produce fuels such as charcoal, coke and town or producer gas. Combustible gaseous products from pyrolysis of combustible fractions of municipal solid waste buah, w. Pyrolysis biochar from cellulosic municipal solid waste as adsorbent for azo dye removal. An investigation on the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste. The preparation of liquid biofuels including other products like solid char and gas by pyrolysis of various lignocellulosic residues has been comprehensively explored earlier. Pyrolysis of municipal solid waste mcintyre 1974 the. Several demonstration or smallscale facilities have been operated on special waste fractions such as rice hulls and wood chips. Characterization of products from the pyrolysis of municipal solid. The accumulation of msw in the open air causes health and environmental issues, such as pollution in the air, land and water, due to bacteria and insects, so it is urgent to develop treatment, management and disposal. As long as liumans have been living in settled communities, solid waste, or garbage, has been an issue, and modern societies generate far more solid waste than early humans. Optimisation and modelling of pyrolysis processes focused on the treatment of municipal solid waste scaled towards decentralised energy from waste systems by penny challans b.

Gasification of municipal solid waste and tire pyrolysis as alternative solutions for commercial scale treatment of waste. Municipal solid waste can be converted to gas, liquid and solid products by pyrolysis. With an increase in population and urbanization, the amount of the generated worldwide msw is increased, causing negative impacts on health and the environment, including pollutions to air and water. Abstract municipal solid waste msw sample was pyrolysed under inert atmosphere of nitrogen in a static bed pyrolysis reactor, heated at a controlled rate of 10 oc min1 to a final temperature of. Production of biooil from municipal solid waste by pyrolysis. Lower heating value is the net calorific value of a material or fuel and is determined by subtracting the heat of vaporization of. Pdf study of the pyrolysis of municipal solid waste for. The effect of gangue on pyrolysis product yields and compositions of gaseous products was investigated and the obtained results were compared with similar experiments without gangue. The tgdtg results presented the different pyrolysis. Pyrolysis of municipal solid waste in japan journal of. Municipal waste management and wastetoenergy wte potentials in new zealand are. The treatment, management and disposal of municipal solid waste msw are common concerns in every country. Pdf production of biooil from municipal solid waste by.

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