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The desert fox is a 1951 blackandwhite biographical war film from 20th century fox about field marshal erwin rommel in the later stages of world war ii. Disappointing more of a documentary than a movie the desert rats was far better save your money. The story of rommel 1951 directed by henry hathaway 20th century fox f4phhx from. This story is told by someone who met him, albeit, briefly and wanted to know more after the war. Having had two years of complete freedom in his independent command, he was. History seems fairly sound with genuine battle footage intercut although as with any number of war films, us military equipment stands in for. There comes a point when rommel does realize that his fuehrer is destroying his country and becomes involved in the plot to kill him and overthrow the government. Paperback published in 1987, kindle edition published in 20, 0688067719 hardcover published in 1978, 0425016.

The desert fox was one of the most famous german commanders of wwii, second only to hitler himself. The story of rommel is a movie starring james mason, cedric hardwicke, and jessica tandy. Rather, rommel has been elevated to the level of eternal greatness. Desert fox the story of rommel desert rats the desk set desperate hours the desperate living destination tokyo cd1 destination tokyo cd2 destry rides again detaljer detonator detroit 9000 dev devdas 2002 cd1 devdas 2002 cd2 devil probable the devil rides out the 1968 devil is a woman the devils advocate the cd1 devils advocate the cd2. The movie exaggerated rommel s disputed role in the conspiracy against hitler, while omitting rommel s early association with the dictator. Poza o poti vedea in marime naturala daca apesi pe ea. This version is free to view and download for private research and study only. The desert fox is a 1951 blackandwhite biographical film from 20th century fox about field marshal erwin rommel in the later stages of the world war ii. The story of rommel is a sometimes hit, sometimes miss look at the life of an iconic figure.

It stars james mason in the title role, was directed by henry hathaway, and was based on the book rommel. The story of rommel the entire life and career of his involvement in the plot and erwin rommel. See whole dustjacket previous versions include compressed pdf files. It is mainly about erwin rommel and his military career from wwi to his death. From 1951, we have a wonderful mix of documentary style and acting. We see none of the brilliance for which rommel was known. Popular history records rommel as one of the only good nazis. When you do reach the desert campaigns you expect to rely heavily on maps to follow the engagements, but the prose of youngs narrative puts you in the action. Egypte, emirats arabes unis, espagne, etatsunis, france, hong kong, india, indonesie, italie. In wwii, he commanded the german army in north africa in a long struggle against the british 8th army. Surnomme le renard du desert, le generalfeldmarschall erwin rommel 1891 1944, dont. For a film that deals with the story of the desert fox, little time is actually spent in the desert. The story of rommel 1951 hd james mason, cedric hardwicke. Rommel, desert fox, the desert fox, the story of rommel.

The story of rommel full streaming with duration 88 min and released on 1951 1016 and mpaa rating is 7. Field marshal erwin johannes eugen rommel, the desert fox 15 november 1891 14 october 1944, was an officer of the german army in world war i and world war ii. The life and career of erwin rommel and his involvement in the plot to assassinate hitler. The story of rommel ass en usamerikanesche krichsfilm vum henry hathaway aus dem joer 1951 nom buch rommel. The desert fox is a superb filmed biography of german general erwin rommel, concentrating on the period between his retreat from north africa and his governmentdecreed death. Oct 06, 2011 rommel desert fox us 1951 c20th fox photograph.

The newsreel footage of course doesnt look as good as the rest of the photography, which is so crisp we can see the extensive use of matte paintings this is actually very tightlybudgeted for a big studio title. The story of the final years of the respected world war ii. Ronald grant archive the film begins with rommel james masons defeat by the british, free french and americans in north africa. Le renard du desert henry hathaway etatsunis 1951 88 min 35mm vostf. The story of rommel full english film the desert fox. Rommel quickly returned to the desert, but he could not stem the tide of war. In february 1951 james mason signed to play rommell.

Sympathetic look at possibly the only german general to have elicited some admiration from the allies. The desert fox focuses on the last two years of field marshal erwin rommels life. The story of rommel 1951 box office mojo the desert fox. The vast african desert is aflame with the startling story the world has only guessed at. Continue reading the main story author to appear in rommel movie. The desert fox by brigadier desmond young, who served in the british indian army in north africa. Twentieth century fox received harsh criticism both during preproduction and upon the release of the film for its sympathetic portrayal of german field marshal erwin rommel. The story of rommel 1951 movie online the desert fox. Jun 19, 2009 erwin rommel is the epitome of that, while his fellow generals are vilified and his entire army is looked down upon, he is not. The story of rommel full movie stream free download the desert fox. With james mason, cedric hardwicke, jessica tandy, luther adler. The movie begins at a time when rommel is basically on the run which eventually took the axis powers out of africa. This book takes place in europe during world war i and world war ii and in north africa during wwii.

I found this book though my personal interest in wwii. The desert fox the story of rommel james mason 1951. A captured british lieutenant colonel, desmond young, soon has a chance encounter with the celebrated rommel in the midst of a desert artillery barrage. The biography becomes fascinating before reaching the desert campaigns of world war ii, benefiting immensely from postwwii interviews with his world war i comrades who outlived him. James mason is a stalwart rommel a perfect conception of the man they called the desert fox. Few 20thcentury generals have earned such legendary status as erwin rommel. The story of rommel, based on youngs biography, portrayed rommel sympathetically, as a loyal, humane soldier and a firm opponent to hitlers policies. The story of rommel full film online watch the desert fox. What follows looks to be a very accurate account and also a very scary one. The story of rommel 1951 hd james mason, cedric hardwicke, jessica.

Prica o rommelu je americki crnobijeli ratnobiografski film snimljen 1951. Brigadier young, biographer of german general, portrays himself in desert fox by thomas f. Theres also no mention of his performance during the german invasion of france in 1940, in which rommel as a panzer commander received some german. The story of the final years of the respected world war ii german general, erwin rommel. The story of rommel movie posters from movie poster shop. Enmity and ethics in just war cinema durham research online. Find art you love and shop highquality art prints, photographs, framed artworks and posters at. Erwin rommel simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Directed by 1 writing credits 2 cast 101 produced by 1 music by 1 cinematography by 1. The story of rommel aka rommel, desert fox 1951 the life and career of the respected world war ii german general. Masons career had been on a downward slide since he moved to the us from britain and he had lobbied.

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